Courses offered at JSE Academy has been designed to meet the highest standards in the industry.Basic Fire Fighting course will give you an opportunity to understand the industry standards and practices in detail .The course module will be presented to you with the most mordern training techniques and you will have the best learning with JSE Academy.

Our Course Includes

  • Classification of fire
  • Concept for Building Safety
  • Hazards
  • Manual hand held fire cylinders

Concepts on Selection and sizing

  • Fire water sump sizing
  • Head tank sizing
  • Sprinklers types
  • Designing
  • Pipe sizing
  • Fire Hydrants Selection
Fire Fighting Design

Focuses on Fire Calculation which includes: Fire Fighting Hydraulic calculation, Head Loss and Pump head calculation for high rise building. Concepts on Selection and sizing: Fire water sump sizing, Head tank sixing, Sprinklers types, selection, Designing, pipe sizing, Fire hose cabinets and Fire Hydrants Selection. Pump selection: Fire water pump (main Pump, jockey pump and diesel pump) Classification, types and selection.